Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Difference between CPU, MPU, MCU, SOC, and MCM?

In the electronics industrial environment, as within the client electronics area, embedded designers ought to deliver more for less: more performance, a lot of functionality, and a lot of flexibility for fewer price, lower power consumption, and smaller footprints. At a time, Electronic semiconductor trade growing quicker day by day, and create differing kinds of upgraded products sacs as micro chip, microcontroller etc.

In this article we will goto learn different between CPU, MPU, MCU, SOC, and MCM. 

CPU (Central Processing Unit) :-

CPU means that central processing unit or typically simply called processors, it is the component throughout a computer attribute of programmability, and are one of the specified components found in computers of any area, at the side of primary storage and input or output facilities. A central process unit that is factory-made as one integrated circuit is typically known as a chip.

MCU means small computer Unit or generally simply known as microcontroller. it's a computer on a chip wont to control electronic devices. it's a 1 reasonably microchip accentuation self sufficiency and price effectiveness, in distinction to a general purpose microchip. A usual microcontroller contains all the memory and interfaces required for an easy application, whereas a general purpose microchip needs further chips to produce these functions.

SOC means that System on Chip. it's essentially an small computer Unit with an application processor, networking processor, or different large computer on that. Your Smartphone’s main processors are contained in AN System on Chip, that will even have signal processors, network processors, communications, security, GPS, etc.

MPU means micro processing Unit. it's a central processing unit that matches on one chip. That’s been true for many years, so long, in fact, that central processing unit and micro computer Unit are essentially interchangeable. generally with one system, the look engineer can decision the first processor “central processing unit” and various secondary processors “Micro computer Unit ”.

MCM means that Multi Chip Module. it's a tool that generally feels like one chip, however might have multiple separate chips inside. Intel’s 1st Pentium pro was a Multi Chip Module, one chip for the central processing unit, one chip for the L2 cache memory.

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